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3 Common Marketing Mistakes

on Wed, 08/07/2013 - 14:27

When is comes to marketing there are so many channels available to reach your target audience; email, social networks, newspapers, television, radio…we could go on!

With so much resource at our fingertips it must be fairly easy to get our messages heard and market ourselves, right? But there are several mistakes to be made with marketing, today we look at 3 common ones.

1. Marketing to Everyone -

you may think the more people who hear your message the better, however, you could be spending unnecessary money and missing opportunities with blanket and non-specific marketing.

Targeting your marketing can be more cost-effective and bring you better results. Let’s say for example you have a mailing list of 10,000 people, you could send them a blanket email that tells them all the different services you offer…now ask yourself, how much time do you have to search through emails to find what you need? Very little. So imagine you’ve segmented your group and have 3,000 people you know are interested in starting up their own business. Send that segment an email solely about starting up a business and we bet you see a much better result!

Obviously you may feel that by segmenting and targeting your marketing that you risk missing other people’s business. However, what actually happens is you increase the amount of business you receive from your target group.

Try it. Select one service you offer and target just that group. Whether it’s through email or an advert in a paper – e.g. “Services to help you start-up your business”. We bet you see better results and can later target other groups for even more business success.

2. Not Testing your Marketing -

You may decide to place an advert in the paper to offer a service. You spend a few hundred £’s on your advert, sit back and wait for the customers to come to you. A few months down the line you’re asked if you’d like to place another advert in the same paper…do you know if you saw a profit from the last advert?

It is very common for businesses to spend money on marketing and have no clue if they actually saw a ROI or if the advertising even worked at all! Admittedly some advertising, take radio for example, is hard to track, but the majority of advertising can be by taking a few simple measures.

Ask – It’s so simple. When a new customer enquiries ask them how they heard about you. Get staff to track this on a spreadsheet so you can measure the success and know if it’s good for future use.

Web analytics - For most online advertising you can track where traffic is coming to your website from. If they are coming from an advert places on for example you should be able to tell this on your analytics. Track and measure the adverts success. Ask your web team for help if you are unsure.

Special offers – You can offer a ‘special offer’ specific to that one advert, when someone calls and quotes the offer you know where that’s come from. Make a note!

There are many methods of tracking, just make sure you know if your marketing is working and not costing you more than it brings in.

3. Using ‘institutional’ Advertising -

This is advertising that does not ask for a direct and instant response. It may have your logo, a list of your products and a nice image but it does not offer any incentive to call now!

Unfortunately most of us don’t have the luxury of a brand image that is recognised by millions, we’re not saying avoid using your logo but this can not be relied on to ‘sell you’.

At the end of the day we all ask the same question; ‘What’s in it for me?’. When creating your adverts always have this in mind. Let’s look at two copy options for an advert;

“We offer; Tax advice, Accountancy services, business advice”

“Call now for advice that will save your business thousands!”

Spot the difference?! The second copy has a clear call to action and a clear benefit to the customer. Make sure all your advertising has the same clear message!