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Story wars - who's the hero in your story?

on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 14:24

When it comes to marketing your business it is easy to get caught up with what "does our company want" and thinking "how do we get customers". Now I understand what you may now be thinking "well of course I'm thinking that, I want my business to succeed!"

But lets think about it for a moment. Yes the ultimate goal is to attract customers and make money, but when you're planning your marketing activities are you thinking about your company or your customers? 

With todays social networking it has never been more important to please your clients. All it takes is a slating on Facebook and a negative review and the damage could be astronomical. 

Years ago it was simple for a large business with money put an advert on TV and we would come running, but now we all want more, we want to be pleased, we want it to be about ME!

The beauty of social networks is that it's opened up a world of advertising for small businesses and makes connecting with your customer affordable. The main struggle though is to win your customers over and here's where making it about them comes in to play.

Using Facebook as an example do your posts read "buy this product now", "we've got a sale on" and "new item now available"? This is fine, you want your customers to know what's new and what they can buy, but ask yourself, how is this about them?

Next time you do any form of marketing really question if you're putting your customer first and what do they want to see. Want an example? Ask them to review a product, "this is our new product; what do you think?". This simple question has opened up the floor...the customer can now give you their opinion and tell you what they like. 

This engagement is so important and over time will win your customers over because you care about them. With that in mind take a look at this video from Harvard Business Review and ask yourself; who's the hero in our story..